Android Q: Explanation, Release Date, Features

The excitement of Android Pie is not even getting down and Google is going to launch a new Android OS in the coming months of 2019. So in this article, we are going to explain some information on Android Q.

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Android Q: Release date

Google has released its last OS in the Month of March as Android O and Android P both were released. So, we can expect a time period of months from March to August for the releasing of Android Q. The release first expected to Google devices like Google pixel and other upcoming devices.
We are still looking for the actual time-frame announced by Google. As soon it will be dropped by Google we will provide you on our website.

Android Q: Features

Location permissions

In this feature you can give permission for your location access to a particular App in Android Q. You can set this for most of the apps so that those apps can only access your location when needed. This will give you full control over your location information shared with these apps.

Dark Mode

This is a bigger change in Android, that Android Q comes with a dark theme enabled. It’s up to you whether you want to enable this dark theme or not. It will change the colour of every page like settings page, notification panel, notepad, and also apps page. This will definitely be looking awesome and also majorly increase your battery life and performance.

Mystery Desktop mode

You may also be getting a desktop mode in the Android Q like Samsung’s Dex mode when connected to another display via HDMI. XDA developers right now haven’t provided much information on this feature. But yes this will also be an awesome feature embedded in this Android version.

These are some features rolling out with Android Q. More features may also be revealed by Google and if it does then we will also update the information from our side.

Android Q Name

As we all know Google always choose a name for it’s OS and that will be selected from the name of sweets. Features are going to be awesome, we all know that, but the question taking the lead is “What will be the name of the new Android Q?”.
Here some possible name that Google can select for the New OS:-
Quaker Oats
Quinoa Pudding

Google can also take any other name but this is just a guess list of the names.


This is all information shared by XDA Developers and explained by us for you. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to contact us here or comment below. We will definitely answer your question and assist you with the content. If you like your article then please read more Informative articles below.

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