How to Tie A Tie


How to Tie A Tie

The Simple Knot, also known as the Oriental, Kent Knot and Petit Noeud, contains as few steps as possible and is easy to learn. This knot is rarely worn in the West, but maintains its popularity in China, despite its simplicity. This can be because it does not release itself, making it harder to untie. The Simple Knot is compact with an asymmetry leaning towards the active terminal. This knot works well with thick neckties or with tall people who need extra lengths. Live life’s simple.

How to Tie A Tie

• 1. Begin from the back of your tie, the wide end is on the right side and the little end is on the left side. The tip of the small end should lie slightly above the stomach (depending on how high you are and your tie’s length and thickness). Just move the (wide) active end.

• 2. Take Wide end under the small end to the left side.

• 3. Now move wide end across the small end to the right side.

• 4. In this step, move up into the neck loop from underneath of the tie.

• 5. Now take wide side down through the loop you’ve just made in the front of your neck.

• 6. And in the last, pull down on the wide end to tighten up the knot. Slide the knot upside to adjust neck-circle of your tie.


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