What Is A Computer Network?
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What Is A Computer Network?


A computer network or we can also call it a data network is a connection between multiple computers and other computing hardware systems that makes a communication channel between them. The points of connection of these devices also known as “Nodes”. For an example, a company or a firm generally has its own computer network for their staff to work as a team.

Benefits of this computer network:-

1. Upload a document or a file on the network and then anyone having access to that network can access and modify the file.

What Is A Computer Network?
What Is A Computer Network?

2. Can transfer data and useful stuff over that network for benefits of other teammates.

3. Beneficial when multiple users need additional hardware devices like printers, fax, scanners, and other devices. Just connect one over that network and it will work for all.

4. Makes communication easier by instant message transfer and video conference.


Network Modes of Transmission

Transmission of data in a network can be followed in two technologies i.e. wired and wireless.

First, let’s talk about wired transmission. When a computer network works on wired data transmission technology, it means all the devices in a network are connected through a cable. Thes cables can be made up of coaxial cable, optical fiber or copper wires.

What Is A Computer Network?
What Is A Computer Network?

Wired network is a costly network setup because it requires lots of cables for more devices to connect. But it’s more secure and provides better speed to the users.

In the second, we have wireless transmission technology. Wireless transmission works on radio waves, satellite signals. With wireless connectivity, all the devices in a network will be connected to a router ( or a WiFi). In this wireless network, all the devices are free to move in the range of the network router. This can be a considerable benefit of a wireless network as it reduces the hassle of cables.

What Is A Computer Network?
What Is A Computer Network?

But the wireless network has a low speed of data transfer and is also costly to set up. In addition, the wireless network is less secure in compare to a wired network.

Types Of Network


The network can also be categorized on the basis of their physical capacity. In simple words, a network can be categorized on the size of the area it can handle or connect. Below is the list of all network types but we will only discuss on few most used network types.

1. Nanoscale Network (Nano)
2. Personal Area Network (PAN)
3. Local Area Network (LAN)
4. Home Area Network (HAN)
5. Storage Area Network (SAN)
6. Campus Area Network (CAN)
7. Backbone Network (BN)
8. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
9. Wide Area Network (WAN)
10. Enterprise Private Network (EPN)
11. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
12. Global Area Network (GAN)

Here we will only talk about two popular types of network Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).


A Local Area Network (LAN) is used to connect computers or devices in a defined range of area. Few examples where LAN can be used are schools, offices, close buildings, in homes and many other places. LANs can be used with Optical fiber cables and can connect lots of devices. LAN can transfer data at a speed of 100GB/s.


Wide Area Network technology can cover a large geographical area like a city, country and even more big network can also be created with WAN. WAN is a network type which consists of lots of communication channels like cables, telephone lines, and air signals. WAN works on Common Carrier communication conveniences like telephone companies.


Hence, this is our guide on Computer Network. This guide is based on true information collected from several resources and explained in a simple manner by our experts. If you have any doubts or questions then feel free to contacts us here or simply write down in comments. We will surely answer your question and guide you with this.

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