What Is A Computer?
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What Is A Computer?


A computer is an electronic device that helps a lot in information work. The term “computer, “which means calculating or programming the machine, derives from the Latin name ‘ computer.’ Without a program, computers can do nothing. A string of binary digits represents decimal numbers. The Word ‘ Computer is normally the Unit Center and the Interior Memory.

History Of Computers

Name of the computer had come from a Latin word meaning “Calculate”, “count” or “Think with”. So the word computer more precisely means a “device that computes information”.

The “grandfather “of the computer is Charles Babbage. Charles Babbage ‘s first mechanical computer was popular by the name of the analytical engine. At that time punch cards were necessary as a read-only memory for those computers.


Components Of computers

A computer needs some basic components to work properly. These components are used to input, process, store, utilise, and to give an output of the data. Here are some of the Important components necessary for a computer:-

What Is A Computer?

Motherboard:- As it called, it is the mother of all the hardware components. That means it is an electronic board with small necessary components for connecting other hardware to work in a unit.

What Is A Computer?

Processor:- This is also a major component as it processes and transfers information from hardware to software.

What Is A Computer?

Memory:- This we can also call the route or path for transferring the data between the storage and the processing unit(CPU).

What Is A Computer?

Storage:- This unit is used to keep data safe for a long time without affecting the running memory of the CPU. You can use your data anytime when needed from this storage unit and kept it again.

Now there are some of the basic components also that are essential for working of a computer. Below is the given list:-

What Is A Computer?

Keyboard:- Keyboard is simply used as an input device in a computer. It consists of several buttons that transfer data to write anything and take actions.

What Is A Computer?

Mouse:- A computer mouse is an electronic motion sensor device to move, select, and point to something on a display. It simply senses two-dimensional motion and transfers it on the display.

What Is A Computer?

Monitor:- A monitor is simply a display used as an output device. It shows the operator what’s going on in a computer.

Computer is an advance electronic devices that collects raw data as user input. Then processes these data as instructional control (called program) and provides the result (output) and saves output for future application. It can handle numerical and non-numerical calculations (arithmetical and logical).


Computer Classification:-

The computers vary according to their ability to process data. They are classified by purpose, data management, and function.

According to functionality, computers are classified as:
1. Analog Computer: A computer with continuously variable physical quantities that represent the numbers whose variants imitate the characteristics of a certain system.
2. Personal computer: A computer is small and cost-effective. The term “personal computer “is used to describe desktops.
3. Workstation: A network terminal or desktop computer. In this context, a workstation is simply a generic term in contrast to a server for a user’s machine.
4. Minicomputer: A minicomputer isn’t very mini. You even don ‘t know how big your personal computer is and how much data it can store.
5. Mainframe: Mainframe refers to a major computer that runs an entire corporation.
6. Supercomputer: This we can call the biggest, fastest, and most expensive computers made on earth.
7. Microcomputer: Microcomputer is same as your Personal Computer.


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