What Is A Domain Name And Its Role?
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What Is A Domain Name And Its Role?

What Is A Domain Name And Its Role?
What Is A Domain Name And Its Role?

We all are using a lot of websites in our daily life. And most of the websites are directly going to saerch with a particular website name or domain name. But most of us don’t know, what is the domain name? and what is the role of a domain name? So here we are going to explore the topic Domain name with almost all of its subcategories.


What Is Domain Name?

If we talk in a simple language then every website has its unique IP address through which its data will be extracted from its hosted server when anyone visits the website. And this data will be displayed to the user. But it is very difficult for a normal human being to remember a lot of IP addresses and in the same manner.

Therefore, a particular alphabetical name is assigned to every IP address when anyone going to purchase a website or IP and this is known to be a Domain Name.

For example, Facebook has its own unique IP address, but its really tough to remember that IP and therefore, is given a name Facebook to that IP so that anyone can remember that and able access anytime.

And Here the Knowledge Guide also own its unique IP but for convenience, given a name lootliya.in


Components Of A Domain Name

A URL will look like https://www.example.com. This domain name consists of four different parts having their own importance in a URL. Let’s take a look at these four parts one by one.

What Is A Domain Name And Its Role?
What Is A Domain Name And Its Role?

HTTPS:- This is the first part of a domain with the name Protocols. There are two types of these protocols:- HTTP and HTTPS. The full form of HTTP is HyperText Transfer Protocol and for the HTTPS is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure.

WWW:- This is the part of the URL which is also an important part of a URL. The full form of WWW is the World Wide Web which is important to place before the actual domain name.

Example(Domain):- This is the actual domain name which is placed in place of IP address in a URL. This is a rememberable Alphabetical name.

.COM:- This is the extension of a Domain which completes a URL. These extensions can be used for general as well as commercial and on country base purpose. Some examples of extensions:- .com, .in, .co, .co.uk, .org and many more.

Generally, .com is the most preferable domain extension amongst all and therefore most of the website owners prefer to choose .com extension for their domain.


This is all about a Domain Name and what is the use of it? If you still have any doubts on this topic then feel free to contact us here or mention your question in the comment section below. we will definitely answer your question and help you on the topic.

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