What Is Internet

What Is Internet


What Is Internet:- The term Internet comes in front of us from the word “Interconnected Network” which means a global system of interconnected computers worldwide. These computer networks use the Internet Protocol Suite for linking devices all over the world. Without having a particular definition, The internet can be called wireless or wired mode of communication by which anyone can transmit and receive information from and to all over the world in a second.

History Of The Internet

This wonderful tool has a long history rooted in the scenario of cold war. It was a necessity to connect the top US academies so that all research data can be shared without being delayed too long. That effort was made by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) that came into being in the late 1950s just after the launch of Sputnik in the Russian era. After the ARPA succeeded in 1969, it took experts little while to realize the potential of this interconnection tool. Ray Tomlinson built an electronic mail system in 1971. This was a major step brings the gates for access to remote computer i.e. telnet.


Working Of Internet

We cannot exclude the fact that Understanding internetworking is really a confusing concept. But we promised to give you information in a very simplified way, therefore, we have a model for demonstrating you. Below is the image is given below for the simplification of your understanding.

What Is Internet

Let’s get into the concept.
Here are 6 computers, 3 on segment one, and 3 on segment 2. And both the segments are connected to a server through port 1 and port 2 which we called IP ( Internet Protocol ). This connection is also called a bridge. Now, suppose one computer published content on segment 1. The rest of the computers in segment 1 can also see that information as they all are connected. And we can see in the image that computers on the segment 2 are also connected to the segment 1 through the bridge. Therefore these computers can also see the same information published by that one computer in segment 1. And hence, all the computers are connected and generated a network between them.

The same concept implies to the Internet, all the computers are interconnected by some wireless and wired bridges. Therefore anyone can see the information published by any computer in any corner of the whole world. Hope you got to know about the working of the Internet.

Criticisms Of Internet

The Internet is really an amazing invention which can help people a lot. But some of them are using this for illegal purpose. They are using malicious software to spread computer viruses and hacking their information for blackmailing them. This is the most hazardous criticism of Internet. And there are a lot of disadvantages of this Internet also.


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